Roberto D

Kenddy is a professional property manager, from day 1 she has been very diligent, customer friendly, receptive and proactive. I just closed a contract with her and Komerci Group. I will definitely recommend to approach her and discuss with her your own needs and I am confident that she will answer honestly and without gray areas.

She was the only one (of all participants) who provide me a real quote (rather than a range of prices that can take time to define) for my project, this was a key differentiator from the other alternatives. It also save me a lot of time of long discussion negotiating the right conditions.

I look forward to know her better on this project we just engaged and to be able to provider more thorough recommendation but I am confident that I have made the right choice, based on what I have seen so far in the last few weeks.

I am a fan of technology myself and I can see that Komerci Group and Kenndy have a great technology infrastructure that helps them to provide an efficient service for a competitive price.

If you ask me, go for her and you won’t be disappointed. If she is ok with it, I am happy to provide more detail referral upon request.


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