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Why Choose Komerci Group Property Management?

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Servicing Broward County and surroundings

Komerci Group provides best-in-class property management services. We have a network of trusted resources in place to manage, market and maintain your properties successfully. Our team creates positive living environments and hassle-free experiences, resulting in tenant satisfaction, compliance, and retention.

Is managing your property getting stale? – Get Fresh! Komerci Group provides you with the best services

As a property owner who intends to maintain the value of your investment, it is just right for you to look for a company that could provide with the unbeatable managing services. This company must guide you on how to find for the best tenants, technology oriented and a high level of satisfaction for your property management needs. Because of this, Komerci Group Property Management has come into existence.


Benefits of Working with Komerci Group


Increase Your Income

As a property owner who wants to have a healthy return on investment, it is just right for you to partner with a property management company that can provide you with the best managing services that you need. Let us help you increase your income from your real estate investment.

Flexible Maintenance Options Save You Money

We provide realiable resources that you need to control maintenance cost by using your own vendors, do-it-yourself, or choose from our preferred vendors list.



Our Flat Fee Pricing Makes Us Affordable

We don’t work on a percentage based pricing structure. With our flat fee pricing of $89/month there’s a significant savings over traditional management fees. We offer affordable full-service property management. NO VACANCY FEES.

You Won’t Find a More Experienced Firm

If you choose to work with us, you will certainly not regret it for we can guarantee you that what you will get from us is purely the best. We are dedicated to excellence and we work hard to give you great satisfaction.


We will customize our services based on your property management needs.

Areas We Service

Broward – Miami-Dade – Palm Beach

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