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Property inspections are an important way to protect the condition of your rental home. It also gives you an opportunity to ensure your tenants are following the terms of your lease. We recommend that you do at least three property inspections; a move-in inspection, a move-out inspection, and then a mid-term inspection during the tenancy to make sure everything is okay at the home.

Move-In Property Inspections

The move-in inspection should be conducted before your tenants take possession of the property. This is your opportunity to make sure everything is working and prepared for the new residents. Check all of your appliances and systems to make sure they function. Document this inspection thoroughly with pictures, notes, and even video. Your documentation will be important at the end of the lease, when you’re completing the move-out inspection. You’ll be able to accurately compare the condition of the home before a tenant moved in and after the tenant moved out.

Mid-Term Property Inspections

Schedule a property inspection with your tenants between four and six months into the lease term. Your tenants can choose to be present if they want to be there, otherwise you can inspect the home without them. Check for preventative maintenance issues like leaking pipes, peeling paint, and other repairs that may be needed but not reported. Make sure everything else looks okay. Look for evidence of people or pets who don’t belong there, and check to see if there’s any damage to the property or the yard. Talk to your tenants about any issues they’re having, and resolve any problems or concerns.

Move-Out Property Inspectionsselect

At the end of a lease, you’ll want to conduct an inspection after your tenants move out. Compare what you find to the move-in inspection. This will help you determine what looks like normal wear and tear versus what is tenant damage. Take as many pictures as you did before the tenants moved in so you can see any new damage or deterioration. Use this information when you’re deciding whether you need to withhold money from the security deposit to pay for repairs.

Inspections should be frequent enough to protect your property but not so overbearing that the tenants feel like their privacy is being invaded. If you need help with inspections or property management in Pompano Beach, we can help. If being a landlord has gotten stale – get fresh. Contact us at Komerci Group.






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