How Do I Handle Maintenance Issues in My Pompano Beach Rental Property?

To keep maintenance costs controlled, you need to follow a preventative plan that allows you to catch small problems before they become too expensive and complicated. Communicate to your tenants the process for reporting general repair needs and emergency maintenance situations. It’s also important to choose the right vendors and contractors for the work you need done.

Reporting and Responding to Maintenance

Having your tenants report maintenance needs in writing is a good idea because it gives you the documentation you may need to demonstrate the work that has been done on your property. When your tenants are signing their lease, make sure they understand how you want them to report general maintenance and emergencies. You need to provide a phone number or contact information that they can use 24 hours a day. Your response should match the situation. If the roof collapses or a pipe bursts, you’ll want to get someone out there right away.

Creating a Vendor List

The vendors you choose will have an impact on how quickly and affordably repair work gets done. For basic repairs, you can use a handyman. However, if your property needs plumbing work or electrical work, you want to hire someone that is licensed and insured. This will protect the condition of your home and also keep you from taking on any extra liability. Have these vendors in place before there’s an emergency. If you have good vendor relationships, you won’t find yourself looking for someone who is willing to fix a water heater over a holiday weekend.

Managing Preventative Maintenance

Pay attention to preventative maintenance. This will keep your costs down and ensure your home and its systems are in good condition. Schedule technicians and vendors to come twice a year to inspect and service things like the air conditioning unit and the roof. Have your gutters cleaned and the landscaping trimmed back. Prepare for storm season, and be sure your tenants know what to do in the event that a hurricane or tropical storm is forecasted.

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